środa, 29 grudnia 2010


I love christmas, but when it's so much to do, I don't feel them. In this year I didn't feel them. Even a littel. Now I'm waiting for New Year's Eve and start all over again.

sobota, 11 grudnia 2010

simple observations

I think that simple observation are very important. Sometimes it's not easy to finde something interesting, but photogrpaher have to see it all the time. Even if you are in orchard where are only trees you have to finde something. To some things we get use to, and we don't see them. I think, I have to learn how to see.

środa, 8 grudnia 2010

poniedziałek, 6 grudnia 2010


I love children. People always ask my why. I don't know why. For my they are beautiful, they are honest and they have their own world. Look at first photo in this note. What do you see? Way and drawing. Kids see there many many more things. They can tell you all story about small fish, wich is sliping away big fish. They are themeselves. I always smile to kids in stores or buses, and they always smile back to me. Adults don't do that, they just stare. Children have no problems, they don't have any important obligation. They can just run all day, have fun and don't worry about anything.

sobota, 4 grudnia 2010

old friends

This is old photo. Five girls, who you can see in the picture, are my friends. We are in touch till now. It've took it in Warszawa, the capital of Poland in one of school trips. They are the reason, why I didn't add anything yesterday. On friday we always go to pub or club, and now I'm waiting for them in my house. It will be realy good night...

And what I've learnt in my life it's that good old friends are one of the best thing you can have.

czwartek, 2 grudnia 2010


So here it is - my first try with models. I have it many many more, but I will add my favorite. In most case my models are my friends, and I think it's good. We know each other, we aren't ashamed and we can talk freely. We invent how to dress and where will be going. Sometime we just meet, go anywhere and make photos not really thinking.