wtorek, 30 listopada 2010


I spend a lot of time with my friends, so they have many photos becaus of me. They got used to my camera, but in the beginig they always said: ‘No! Please don’t! I don’t want to have any photos.’ But now, when they see that I’m taking a photo, they stand, make good smile, trie to look good. Ofcorse sometimes they do stiupid things or silly faces. It’s really good reminder. For my it’s important to have someone, on who you can rely. Someone you can say a lot of things, sometimes important and sometimes stiupid, but you know, that they won’t tell anybody. If it will be funny, they will lought with me. If it will be sad, they will finde the way to make me happy or just smile. Hug of a friend makes everything better.

poniedziałek, 29 listopada 2010


Besids my troubles with technique, knowledge and many many stuff like that, i have two problems: time and models. I’m in high school and I have a lot of things to learn, friends who I have to visit, spend time with and have really good fun. I love to talking with them, watching movies or go somewhere. When I finally have time, my models don’t. But I’m trying, we are arrange our matches and sometimes it works out. When it happen I’m trying to do my best. Sometimes I do self-portrait, but it’s more difficult for me. For my it’s problem with frame and sharpness. I invented many tricks to make my photos better, but they still need a lot of work. If I have a small photo studio, it would be much easier. Last year I was in photo studio every week, and it was really great.

niedziela, 28 listopada 2010

first note

It isn't my first note here, but I think I started it terribly wrong. I will try to add many photos, good photos. I'm just seventeen years old girl, and I'm not taking photos, because it's 'cool' or my dad likes it or my friends or something like that. I'm doing it, because it is one of two things I like the most in my life. And it makes me feel happy. When I'm sad photography is usually helping me. Sometimes even better then people can. I started writing here just for me. Maybe someone will be visiting my blogspot, and it will be really nice for my, but honestly - this is that one thing I'm doing only for myself.
First photo, I'm adding, is my favorit. I took it when I was ten and it's made by one of the cheapest camere in the world. It's the most important photo for my, because when I was taking it I didn't just push the button. I stopped, thought, and told my grandmather and cousins how should they stay. And that was it. From that moment I'm in love with photography.