wtorek, 30 listopada 2010


I spend a lot of time with my friends, so they have many photos becaus of me. They got used to my camera, but in the beginig they always said: ‘No! Please don’t! I don’t want to have any photos.’ But now, when they see that I’m taking a photo, they stand, make good smile, trie to look good. Ofcorse sometimes they do stiupid things or silly faces. It’s really good reminder. For my it’s important to have someone, on who you can rely. Someone you can say a lot of things, sometimes important and sometimes stiupid, but you know, that they won’t tell anybody. If it will be funny, they will lought with me. If it will be sad, they will finde the way to make me happy or just smile. Hug of a friend makes everything better.

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